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SRF-03 All sky camera

SRF-03 All sky camera


  • Cloud cover fraction detection
  • Operates under full sunlight conditions (Auto exposure)
  • HDR images (every 5s)
  • 180° field of view for image of the sky
  • Weather proof housing with heater system (Power over Ethernet)
  • Remote controlled by Linux PC through TCP/IP network (Web browser)
The SRF-03 All-sky camera with advanced features for dynamic cloud analysis and can make clear full hemispheric pictures of the sky even under full sun light conditions. The camera developed by Sieltec is provided by EKO. With the software detection algorithms interesting features (e.g. Cloud coverage, upper air dust detection) can be analyzed for photovoltaic evaluation applications. 
The camera is operated through the Linux server which comes wit the camera. The software can be accessed through any web browser and gives much flexibility to control the camera and image management. 
Including the SRF-03 All-sky camera into your solar monitoring system will maximize the research  capabilities.  The cloud cam can be used weather and cloud observations, development for grid power management and evaluating PV performance and solar forecasting purposes.
The All Sky Camera is a fully automatic imaging system that captures images of the total sky. Since clouds and aerosols substantially contribute to the attenuation of solar irradiance at ground level, the sky imager provides quantitative data of the sky conditions on site. When sky images are captured, cloud fraction is automatically calculated by the software. The cloud camera can also be used to monitor the solar position and detect potential shading obstacles at a PV site. 
The SRF-03 can be easily connected to a computer network through the standard Ethernet interface (POE). High speed data transfer is required to upload all images.
The standard version cloud camera consists of a digital camera with a 2M pixel resolution in a weatherproof housing, other models are available. A 180° field of view optic provides the possibility to make color pictures of the sky.
The camera system allows making HDR pictures every 5s and can be adjusted to longer capture intervals. This unique method allows analysis of the sky and cloudiness under full sun light conditions without the need for a shading device.  



SRF-03 type 201D

SRF-03 type 231DN

SRF-03 type 281N







Day and Nighttime


Field of View





16bit RAW > 8bit PNG/HDR

16bit RAW > 8bit PNG

8bit PNG

Operating temperature

-40ºC** ( -5 to 55ºC )

-40ºC* ( -5 to 55ºC )

-40ºC* ( -5 to 55ºC )

Software functions

Cloud fraction / Sun shade / High AOD detection

Image capturing

Image capturing


PoE power supply

LAN Cable 15m
PC / COM External mini PC / Ethernet LAN
Dimensions / Weight h170mm, ø180mm / 2.5 to 3kg