STR-22G-HSAT Sun Trackers

  • Single Axis Sun tracker
  • GPS for easy and accurate set up
  • Power consumption less than 10W
  • Control through DAQ system
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For research and independent monitoring systems EKO can offer a wide range of measurement solutions. The STR-sun tracker systems are well known and recognized as highly reliable solution for independent solar research applications. A new application was added, called single axis tracking based on the existing STR concept.     

The compact 2 arms sun tracker is perfectly suited to support the single axis tracker application as independent monitoring system in combination with solar irradiance sensors. A special mounting arm with sensor bar will support the MS-80S which is recommended to be used to provide instant tilt information. The HSAT version can be used when the sun-tracker is in horizontal position identical to the mono-facial or bi-facial PV modules that are used …

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  Specifications STR-22G-HSAT
  Arms 1
  Pointing accuracy Solar elevation: 0 to 87° < 0.1 °
  Angle resolution 0.01 °
  Rotation angle Zenith -55 - 55 °
  Rotation angle Azimuth 0 - 360 ° (Deactivated)
Torque 24 Nm
Payload side arms 15 kg
  Ingress protection IP 65
  Operating temperature range -40 - 50 °C
  Communication RS-422 / 232C
Power consumption < 10 W
  Power supply 21 to 32 VDC / 20W
  Power supply (Power Adapter) 100 to 240 VAC / 20W
  Dimensions mm 430 (W) x 380 (L) x 440 (H)
Weight 15.5 kg (With tripod)
  Motor Stepper motor
  Driving technology Harmonic drive®
  Tracking mode Single axis tracking (Astronmical / back-tracking)
  Tripod Table tripod
  Cable length 10 m

MS-80S Pyranometer

STR-22G Sun Trackers