C-Box Modbus Processing interface

  • Smart Sensor Interface
  • DNI / GHI / DHI measurements
  • Output 0-1V / Modbus 485 RTU
  • GPS receiver
  • All weather enclosure
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The C-BOX smart processing interface provides different functions for sensor control and data processing of different EKO sensors. In combination with the MS-90 DNI sensor, the pulsed output can be converted into a continuous output Voltage or Modbus 485 RTU signal. With an additional pyranometer and optional GPS receiver a turnkey system can be configured to measure DNI, GHI and DHI over Modbus.     

By using this device, the MS-90 analogue voltage output peaks correspondent to DNI are detected and converted to digital. It then transmits and receives data with serial communication method. Since it is compatible with RS-485 communication, it is possible to connect with PV monitoring devices, which have this communication function. By setting the pyranometer sensitivity on signal …

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  Specifications C-Box Modbus
  Communication interface RS-485 Modbus
Channels 2 units
  Functions DNI, GHI, DHI processing
  Ingress protection IP 65
  Operating temperature range -40 - 80 °C
  Voltage range 12V
Power consumption < 1 W