RSR-01 Shading ring

  • Cost efficient way to perform diffuse radiation measurements
  • Rugged design to be used in any environment
  • Can be used with different solar sensors
  • Allows tilted position for PV sites
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The EKO Instruments RSR-01 shadow ring is a economic solution to measure diffuse irradiance at any location on earth. The static Radiometer Shadow Ring RSR-01 can be used with all EKO Pyranometers (MS-80/802/402/410/602). Dedicated mounting adapters are available for other types of solar sensors.

The shadow ring in combination with one of those pyranometers provide diffuse solar radiation measurements on site. The shadow ring ensures that the radiation sensor always remains in shade for several days before it requires re-adjustment.

For automatic diffuse solar radiation measurement, the STR Sun Trackers series can be applied.

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  Specifications RSR-01
  Compatible sensors MS-80 / MS-802 / MS-60 / MS-40
  Operating temperature range -40 - 80 °C
FOV Aperture 13.6 °
  Dimensions mm 790 (D) x 400 (H)
Weight 10.5 kg