MS-402 Pyranometer

  • ISO 9060 First class
  • Low temperature dependency
  • 5 years warranty
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The MS-402 Pyranometer is a unique ISO First class pyranometer and best in its category. As the only first class sensor available on the market it has a built in electronic passive temperature compensating to linearize the detector temperature coefficient and make it accurate under all temperature conditions.

The two high-quality glass domes protect the detector efficiently from any thermal effects. The MS-402 is the only temperature-compensated First Class pyranometer on the market.

The design of the MS-402 First Class Pyranometer is very similar to the Secondary standard MS-802. Its robust brass mechanical construction makes it a durable sensor suitable to be used in harsh environments for routine global irradiance measurements. The MS-402 can be applied as multi purpose high …

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  Specifications MS-402
  ISO 9060:1990 First Class
  Output Analog (mV)
Response time 95% < 8 Sec.
Zero off-set a) 200W/m² < 6 W/m²
Zero off-set b) 5K/hr +/- 2 W/m²
  Non-stability change/1 year +/- 0.5 %
Non-linearity at 1000W/m² +/- 0.2 %
Directional response at 1000W/m² < 20 W/m²
  Spectral selectivity 0.35-1.5µm -
Temperature response -10°C to 40°C +/- 1 %
Tilt response at 1000W/m² +/- 0.2 %
Sensitivity Approx. 7 µV/W/m²
  Impedance Approx. 500 Ω
  Operating temperature range -40 - 80 °C
Irradiance range 0 - 4000 W/m²
Wavelength range 285 - 3000 nm (50% points)
  Ingress protection IP 67
  Cable length 10 m

Applications and uses

Weathering of materials is most often an irreversible process affecting the cosmetic properties or strength of materials. This aging process is mainly driven by UV radiation, Heat and reactive elements …

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Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance measurements are best performed with a thermopile sensor called Pyranometer mounted on a Sun tracker with a shading device.  When the pyranometer is installed on an automatic …

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