MS-Tilt components

  • MS-Tilt for POA installation
  • Compatible with MS-Series
  • Rugged adjustable joint
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MS-Tilt is made to setup MS pyranometers for for inclined monitoring in PV applications. The mounting plate can be used with any of the MS-series pyranometers or smart pyranometers. The robust Aluminium and durable coated steel parts provide a reliable solution which can be assembled on-site. The MS-Tilt contains a mounting plate, joint and mounting accessories. The MS-tilt is recommended to be used for GHI POA applications.



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  Specifications MS-Tilt
  Tilt Bracket POA applications 1 position
  Pyranometer (GHI) MS-Series
  Dimensions mm Plate ø96 mm / 80 x 110mm

Applications and uses

Solar radiation is not only the driving force behind the Earth’s weather phenomena, it also drives photovoltaic energy production. One day of solar energy received by the Earth exceeds the …

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