MS-Albedo kit 4 components

  • Universal Albedo kit
  • 4 positions
  • Mounting rod
  • Rod mounting clamps
  • Albedo glare screen
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MS-Albedo kit for 2 pyranometers and 2 pyrgeometers for 4 component net-radiation measurements. The mounting plate can be used with any of the MS-series pyranometers, pyrgeometers or smart pyranometers. The robust Aluminium and Stainless steel parts provide a reliable solution which can be easily assembled on-site. The albedo kit contains a mounting plate, 700mm rod, albedo glare screen and mounting accessories. The albedo glare screen is recommended to be used for GHI albedo applications to limit the field of view and avoid dome refections at low solar elevation angles.  



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  Specifications MS-Albedo kit 4
  Albedo mounting kit 4 positions
  Pyranometer (GHI) MS-Series
  Dimensions mm Plate 250 x 95 mm / ø 15mm Rod L=700mm