PV-PT-100 PV-Block

  • PT-100 Class A
  • 4 Wire Cable
  • Temperature spreader
  • 3M adhesive pad
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The PV-Blocks IV measurement system can be expanded with the PT-100 temperature sensor which is an essential component for PV module research.  The Class A PT-100 sensor provide accurate temperature measurements of the modules back side temperature. For IV measurements and PV performance rating temperatre changes hav ea big effect and should be monitored in line with the PV module output. The Class A PT-100 sensors have an measurement accuracy better than 0.15 degrees Celsius. The temperature sensor can be sticked to the module backside. It comes with high temperature resitive adhesive, temperature spreader and cable strain relieve. The cable is made of flexible durable UV and temperature resistant material. The sensor can be used in 3 Wire or 4W …

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  Specifications PV-PT-100
  Component PT-100 Temperature sensor
  Temperature measurement range -20 - 80 ºC
  ISO Class Class A
  Accuracy < 0.15 °C
  Cable length 10 m
  Back module temperature Yes