MP-160-S1 PV Evaluation System

Note: this product is obsolete

  • PV cells and modules up to 300W
  • Auto measurement schedule
  • Advanced PC control software and data analysis
  • 6 module and 12 temperature channels
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The 6 channel outdoor Photovoltaic (PV) module(s) evaluation system based on the MP-160 is designed to measure I-V curve and module back-side temperature, to evaluate the performance of each module under natural sun light and weather conditions. The main instrument in this system is the MP-160 I-V Tracer, with an additional 6 channel selector for PV modules and a 12 channel selector for thermocouple or irradiance sensors. The measurement software “MP160.exe” controls the MP-160 and selectors. I-V curve, temperature and solar irradiance of each module are measured one by one sequentially. By setting the start, finish time of the day and time interval, the system measures all modules uninterrupted over a long period of time.

Solar cells and modules usually ...

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  Specifications MP-160-S1
  IV tracer MP-160
  Module selector MI-510 (6 ch.)
  Temperature selector MI-540 (12 ch.)
  Pyranometer (POA) MS-802

MP-160 I-V Tracer

MI-510 PV Module Selector

MI-540 Temperature Selector

MS-802 Pyranometer

Applications and uses

Usually, the performance of a PV module is measured at the factory under the so-called Standard Test Conditions (STC), described in IEC 60904. This is a convenient test method that ...

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