MP-1000S I-V Tracer for Perovskite and Hybride PV cells and modules

  • PV cells and modules up to 1000W
  • Flexible modular design
  • Customisable system
  • Multiple measurements
  • Irradiance and panel temperature modules
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This I-V tracer with MPPT is the universal solution for testing Perovskite and hybrid solar cells and modules. It can be expanded for simultaneous measurements of multiple modules.

The irradiance and module temperature can be measured simultaneously with the voltage and current measurements in order to calculate to STC or equivalent standards.

Please contact EKO Instrument Europe for more details and customization of the system.

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  Specifications MP-1000S
Measurement range Voltage 0.05 - 120 V
Measurement range Current 0.005 - 10 A
Measurement range Power 0 - 1000 W
  Voltage range on request
Voltage resolution 0.05 µV
  Current range on request
Current resolution 0.005 A
Sweep time 2 - 330 Sec.