MS-02 Sensor

  • Robust handheld solar irradiance meter
  • Measures irradiance, ambient and module temperature
  • Built-in compass and inclinometer
  • Dual channel temperature measurement
  • Datalogger 5000 points
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MS-02 is a practical handheld readout device for irradiance measurements, but also has a built-in inclinometer to measure roof pitch, compass to measure roof orientation and thermometer to measure ambient and module temperature.

The MS handheld solar irradiance meters are the perfect tools for solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) and solar thermal installers to conduct comprehensive solar pv site surveys. MS-02 also includes a data logging facility with USB interface for data download to a PC. This allows for irradiance and temperature to be recorded at user-defined intervals over a number of hours or days, the collected data can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis of for inclusion in solar installation reports.

These high specification irradiance meters simply and ...

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  Specifications MS-02
  Irradiance Display Range 0 - 1500 W/m2
  Irradiance measurement range 100 - 1200 W/m2
  Irradiance Resolution 1 W/m2
  Temperature display range -30 - 125 ºC
  Temperature measurement range -30 - 125 ºC
  Temperature resolution 1 ºC
  Compass bearing display range 0 - 360 º
  Compass bearing measurement range 0 - 360 º
  Compass bearing resolution 1 º
  Inclinometer display range 0 - 90 º
  Inclinometer measurement range 9 - 90 º
  Inclinometer resolution 1 º
  Power supply 2 x AA batteries
  Battery life > 20.000 readings
  Data points 5000
  Sample interval 1 - 60 min
  Communication USB download to PC Wireless Solarlink to MP-01



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