HF-10S Heat flux sensor

  • Thin heatflux sensor
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Small size
  • Weather proof
  • Calibration complies with JIS A 1412
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The HF-10S measures heat flux through an object it is mounted to, in W/m2. The HF-10S features a very thin design and has a low thermal resistance. Heat flux sensors can be used in a variety of research applications and manufacturing control processes. EKO has various types of thin substrate heat flux sensors in the product line-up. 

A heat flux sensor is a thermopile sensor which generates an electric signal proportional to the temperature difference (∆T) across the thermocouple hot and cold junctions. To generate a measurable voltage, heat flux sensors have multiple thermocouples spread over the total area connected in series. EKO heat flux sensors are available in different sizes and thickness.

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  Specifications HF-10S
Response time 95% 25 Sec.
Sensitivity Approx. 12 µV/W/m²
Thermal resistance Approx. 0.0016 °C/(W/m2)
Impedance 90 - 180 Ω
  Operating temperature range -30 - 120 °C
  Cable length 10 m
  Dimensions mm 100 (L) x 100 (W) x 0.5 (H)
Weight 0.04 kg
  Ingress protection IP -
  Substrate Glass epoxy
  Cladding Epoxy

Applications and uses

The effective measurement of heat flow through exterior walls is crucial to understanding the energy consumption and efficiency of any building. Environmental conditions determined by location, design, structural conditions, and …

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