ASI-16 All-Sky Camera

  • 5Mp fish eye camera
  • Real time pictures
  • Ventilator / heater and data acqusition unit
  • Optional Find Clouds software for cloud analysis
  • Optional Cloud base height software
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The ASI-16 All-sky camera with advanced features for static cloud analysis and can make clear full hemispheric pictures of the sky even under full sun light conditions. The 5Mp camera developed by Schreder CMS is provided by EKO world wide. The standard camera has an integrated ventilator and heater system to operate under most severe weather circumstances.

With the optional Find Clouds software detection algorithms interesting features (e.g. Cloud coverage, Thick and thin cloud analysis, cloud classification) can be analyzed for photovoltaic evaluation applications. Fully secure http(s) based web user interface for data collection.  

Cloud base height can be measures with two cameras and the optional CBH software. A stereoscopic method is applied to process time synchronized images ...

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  Specifications ASI-16
  Camera 5MP CMOS
  Operating Daytime
  Field of View FOV 180 °
  Images HDR JPG
  Operating temperature range -40 - 50 °C
  Power supply PoE 48V
  Cable length 15 m
Power consumption 6 - 70 W
  Dimensions (mm) ø200 x 210
  Functions Integrated ventilator and heater


ASI-16 Base