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Smarter software, for smarter sensors


by Hiroaki Kamoi, Application Engineer, EKO Japan


Solar PV generation increased by 31% in 2018, and with predicted annual average growth of 16% still on track between 2018 and 2030,[i] the demand for accurate, cost-saving, solar monitoring solutions is only going to grow.

While India, China and other countries compete to increase the size and efficiency of existing sites, or race to open new ‘mega’ PV parks, the quiet growth of smaller applications, including rooftop PV, is helping to democratise access to solar power.

At EKO, we develop industry and class-leading solar radiation sensors for any size of application. Still, with the rapid growth of solar, and greater variety of applications, we determined that a new approach to software was also required, that we needed to make it easier than ever to use your device, to get, visualise and understand the data.


Welcome Screen


Key Features

‘Hibi’ for Windows OS is a new way to use, access and manage our latest advanced pyranometer, the MS-80S. Simply connect your computer to your MS-80S and with ‘Hibi’ you can check the onboard diagnostics, visualise your data, and choose your desired output; digital Modbus or SDI-12, and analogue 4-20mA or 0-1V.

We’ve carefully designed ‘Hibi’ with a clear and intuitive interface; simple icons help to guide the user through key functions at a glance.




In the dashboard, you can see the measured irradiance data updating every second. You can scroll to zoom in and out, drag to move the time axis, and effectively focus on specific data points in the graph.

One of the great cost-saving features of ‘Hibi’ is the data logging function, which can save the measured data as a comma-separated (CSV) file directly to your desktop; a continuous record with specific time zone may be set so that a new log file is automatically created each day; with the start date and time in the filename; so you can use your pyranometer without the need of a data logger or separate data collection device.

The MS-80S comes with internal temperature, humidity and tilt sensors for self-diagnosis, with calibration timing and abnormality detection results visible in ‘Hibi’. Together with a 5-year warranty, and 5-year recalibration interval on the MS-80S, ‘Hibi’ can help to ensure optimum better than average industry performance and accuracy on your sensor for longer. 

‘Hibi’ is available now as a free download from the EKO website from the MS-80S Class A pyranometer page OR you can click here to download it directly.


[i] International Energy Agency: Tracking Power, Solar PV Report 2019



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