PV-Block evaluation system

PV Block evaluation system

PV-Blocks is a modular measurement system to measure the performance of PV modules deployed in an outdoors environment under natural sunlight conditions.

The advanced research system is fully compatible with the latest PV technologies now in development and is scalable to test multiple modules in parallel. During long-term exposure tests, automatic measurements can be scheduled for continuous data retrieval of the measurable modules parameters. Up to 32 modules can be connected to the PV-Blocks base pack, to measure each individual I-V curve and characteristics under MPP load conditions. Similarly, individual temperature measurements are performed on the PV module. If modules are mounted with different tilt angles, different pyranometers or reference cells can be used to measure the total radiation in plane with the module. The system can be expanded with a meteorological station, sun-tracker (DNI, GHI, DHI) and spectroradiometer.

This user manual will describe the software to use the PV-Blocks system. Please read this manual carefully before using the system. The PV evaluation system is pre-configured and ready to be used. The powerful onboard computer controls the entire system and can be easily access through a local computer network. Data can be automatically collected to any local folder on your network PC.