About EKO

About EKO

Established in 1927, EKO Instruments has now accumulated over 90 years of history. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for the tremendous support we have received from all those that made this possible.

Beginning with scientific instrumentation for meteorological and environmental applications 90 years ago, EKO Instruments now includes three core business areas, which are remote sensing, evaluation and measurement of photovoltaic performance, and radiation and spectral measurements. To explore the potential of these core areas EKO is working closely with industry and research organizations to develop new products for the future. In terms of material characterization and analysis, we not only offer advanced and highly reliable overseas products, but also are focusing on developing our own proprietary products.

In the future, we aim to increase the level of technology by combining our core technology in optical measurement solutions for photovoltaic power generation. Furthermore, we hope to use this technology for applications in other fields, thereby exploring new markets. To prepare for our next step, we are strengthening exports of our proprietary products. In 2007, we established EKO Instruments USA Inc. in the United States. In April 2008, we established EKO Instruments Europe B.V. in The Netherlands. In addition, by leveraging the comprehensive strength of our Technical Center and Customer Support Center, which provide services and solutions involving alternative energy and material characterization and analysis, we aim to be an enterprise that can contribute to protecting the global environment and preventing global warming. As we face our upcoming 100th anniversary, EKO Instruments is working vigorously to develop measuring instruments and to create new value that meets the expectations of all our customers.

Toshikazu Hasegawa

  1. EKO Shokai founded by Eiji Shiina and Hiroshi Tozawa

    EKO Shokai founded by Eiji Shiina and Hiroshi Tozawa

  2. First dome pyranometer

    Successfully developed Japan's first dome pyranometer

    First dome pyranometer

  3. Contracted to serve as the exclusive Japanese representative for HAAKE of Germany, a global manufacturer of viscometers and thermostatic chambers

    Contracted by HAAKE of Germany

  4. Contracted to serve as the exclusive representative for CAMAG of Switzerland

    Contracted by CAMAG of Switzerland

  5. Started observations of the radiation balance at Mizuho Station in Antarctica

    Started observations in Antarctica

  6. Developed photovoltaic systems

    Developed research equipment for photovoltaic systems

    Developed photovoltaic systems

  7. First UV-B sensor

    First UV-B sensor

  8. ADC BioScientific Ltd. and Stable Micro Systems Ltd. of the UK

    Scintec AG and METEK Meteorologische Messtechnik GmbH of Germany

    ECO PHYSICS AG of Switzerland

    Formulaction of France

    Cahn Instruments Inc. of the United States

    Contracted by several companies

  9. Contracted with the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to supply sunshine duration meters and obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management

    Contracted by NOAA

  10. EKO new office

    EKO Instruments head quarters Japan achieved a new milestone in EKO Instruments history. In the same years as EKO celebrates the 85th anniversary, the new EKO Instruments headquarters was opened by EKO Instruments president Mr. T. Hasegawa on June 6th 2012

    EKO new office

  11. EKO laboratory ISO 17025 accredited and certified for pyranometer and pyrheliometer calibrations

    ISO 17025 Accreditation

  12. Ami Solar park

    The new EKO Ami Solar Park is opened! EKO Instruments Co., Ltd. accomplished the construction of the EKO Ami Solar Park in Ami Town of the Ibaragi Prefecture, Japan. A total of 3,188 PV panels are installed on about 16,000 square meters, having an electrical power production capacity of approximately 721.000kW 

    Ami Solar park

  13. EKO Inashiki Solar Park, the second solar power plant site constructed following the EKO Ami Solar Park. There are 5,880 PV modules installed in the park, and these can generate approx. 1.700.000kWh annually, which capacity equals to power consumption of 420 households

    Inashiki Solar park

  14. EKO’s new generation sensors. The innovative patented design enabling a breakthrough in unprecedented low zero-offset behaviour and fast sensor response

    New pyranometer's generation

  15. Launch of new visual communication

    Launch of the new branding identity and the new international visual communication.

    Launch of new visual communication

  16. EKO 90th anniversary

    Celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of EKO Instruments.


    EKO 90th anniversary

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